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Originally Posted by crescent View Post
The thing is, all cultures are different, and some are more protective or exclusionary than others.

I lived in Nepal for two years in a Hindu culture, and they always seemed happy to see elements of their culture and religion used by others. From what I saw, I doubt the average Hindu would be the least bit offended by a young white American woman wearing a bindi. I mean, these are people who mix Christian, Jewish, and Muslim symbiology in with the the traditional Hindu and Bhuddist symbols on the temples and stupas. Many of them have very universal ideas about the nature of their Godhead.

The American Indian symbiology is different, I have met many who are offended by the use of such symbols by non-Indians.
Exactly. But the cultural appropriation people would have you believe that all cultures everywhere are secret clubs who feel physical pain if an outsider even looks at their culture for too long. And if you try to tell them that's as ridiculous as saying someone in the US would feel that way about someone in another culture wearing cowboy boots and blue jeans and eating a hot dog they'll say you just don't get it/are a racist.
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