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Originally Posted by jimmy101_again View Post
The interweebs have sprung up a new meme along the lines of "what about all the US citizens that are in jail? They are separated from their children. Where is the outrage about that?" Implying that since it is OK to separate kids from convicted criminals then it is OK to do the same for illegal immigrants.
Even for people being held in jail pretrial on criminal charges, most residents will have someone who will take care of their kid. There's another parent, grandparent, other family member, who will take the kid. The kid will be with familiar people, in their home, or another familiar home, with people who are in touch with the incarcerated parent.

There are certainly cases where both parents go to jail, or the only parent goes to jail, and child welfare gets involved, but they still tend to look first for placement with a relative. If there's no suitable relative, then they might wind up in foster care. Even that is a very far cry from mass detention in shelters and then losing touch with their parents altogether. (I know the initial reports about losing children we're not about the Trump policy, and there were explanations about how this was different, but new reports are coming out that suggest the same or worse is already happening with these kids.)

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