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Originally Posted by Avril View Post
It was an old religion. The Romans respected the long history of Judaism. Christianity not so much.
Yeah, I guess that's the truth. Because the Romans usually respected the old religions of their provinces, as long as they didn't threaten the power of Rome. And the Jews didn't cause any trouble after the Bar Koshba revolt, so they were allowed to be excluded from the compulsary sacrifice to Caesar. What I don't understand is why the Christians couldn't get a similar status. Because other than that they were "weird" and didn't worship the gods, did they actually cause any trouble? Were there any Christian revolts against the power of Rome? I understand that the goverments sometimes needed scapegoats, when things didn't go as well as they hoped. That seems to be why the emperor Decius prosecuted the Christians. Valerianus seems to have been a real hater of Christianity as well. And this was of course many centuries before freedom of religion was even thought of. But still... It was only after Diocletanius had died, that Christians were even considered as ordinary citizens, except with a minority religion, and that sounds really weird.
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