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Originally Posted by pinqy View Post
Not sure how you're getting that.
Two things: 1) I'm not saying they were persecuted because they were Christian. I'm saying that minorities are often persecuted because they are minorities and there's little difference between that and being targeted. It's a common pattern of bigotry. It's little wonder that they feel targeted.

2) I'm not really commenting about this specific case so much as attacking what seems to be the logic. All I'm saying is that it isn't good evidence that a group isn't being targeted to say that their persecutors were actually prosecuting them.

It sounds to me like the Romans were just ordinary bigots - intolerant of everyone. It's little wonder that minorities of the time felt persecuted because of their specific minority status.

I don't see modern comparisons to Christians who aren't minorities as at all relevant. But if you want some modern comparisons, yes, there are countries that actually do persecute minority Christians and, yes, the excuses are almost exactly the same: "We aren't persecuting them because they're Christian but because they spoke out against our way of life." Where "speaking out" is simply saying anything that an ordinary Christian - substitute Atheist, etc. - might say.
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