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Originally Posted by Furienna View Post
Okay, my bad. You're so right that that rule would also apply to meat from other mammals. I don't see why it would apply to poultry or fish though, as you can't get milk from them.
The website Jewish Values offers two Orthodox explanations and one Reform explanation, all by rabbis. Here's an excerpt from the Orthodox explanation by Rabbi Leonard Levy (Emeritus):

To sum it all up: Since people thought of fowl as meat, the Rabbis were concerned that if people were permitted to eat fowl and milk together, they would conclude that other types of meat must also be permitted with milk. They thus decreed that everything which people think of as meat should be prohibited to eat with milk, and decreed that fowl and kosher wild animals, which were not prohibited by Torah law, would henceforth by prohibited by Rabbinic law.
ETA: None of those rabbis think it applies to fish, FWIW.
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