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A little OT but most of the lamb you buy from New Zealand is slaughtered according to Halal requirements. So if you're a person who is objecting to it for humanitarian reasons you might want to skip the New Zealand label and buy your Easter lamb imported from elsewhere Here's what the Beef and Lamb of New Zealand website says about it;

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the beef available in New Zealand supermarkets all Halal?

Although a significant proportion of sheep and beef is slaughtered according to halal requirements, only a much smaller percentage is actually halal-certified and labeled. Halal audit, certification and labeling incur extra costs, so it is only done at the request of a customer or when it is a market access requirement overseas.
In the case of New Zealand supermarkets, the beef and lamb may be from animals that have been slaughtered in accordance with halal requirements - but that product is subsequently ‘contaminated’ by the addition of non-halal ingredients or proximity to non-halal goods such as pork. It therefore becomes re-designated as non-halal and cannot be labelled as halal in supermarkets.
What monies are paid to the Islamic Federation of New Zealand?

Halal accredited meat processors do pay fees to halal certification agencies. These fees are paid to certifiers for periodic audits of processing premises and also for provision of halal certificates (for Muslim overseas markets and specific Halal shops in New Zealand). Halal accredited processing plants produce halal meat primarily for the purposes of export to Muslim markets. The costs of maintaining halal accreditation would need to be recovered from those targeted export markets. Accredited plants compete on the New Zealand market with non-accredited processors, so there is no opportunity for accredited processors to pass on halal-related costs to New Zealand consumers who are not purchasing halal-certified product.
Is the Halal method of slaughtering animals in full compliance with animal welfare requirements in New Zealand?

In New Zealand, all commercial slaughter of livestock, including religious slaughter, must be undertaken in a humane manner in accordance with New Zealand’s animal welfare laws. These laws require animals to be ‘stunned’ immediately prior to slaughter. Stunning ensures an immediate loss of consciousness to prevent animals from feeling any pain during the slaughter process.
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