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I realize that this is ancient, but the information provided by Butterball in the above links only state that their turkeys are not "certified" as halal. Halal slaughter is less complicated than kosher slaughter, but generally does involve throat-slitting and draining the blood. However, even if the turkeys are killed that way, there must be oversight by a halal authority to ensure that the animals don't suffer, that nothing disgusting is nearby (such as, no ham products involved in the packaging; if pigs are slaughtered at same facility, that equipment is cleaned thoroughly, etc). I don't know all the rules, and there is no central authority in Islam, but generally Muslims who follow the dietary laws are content to have an authority certify.

Butterball turkeys would obviously not be kosher, because they use butter (hence mix milk and meat.)

Anyhow, I think this is a case of the company not wanting to pay the fees for a halal authority to certify.
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