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Originally Posted by E. Q. Taft View Post
I remember hearing a story after Colorado legalized pot for all uses, they were anticipating a certain amount of cannabis tourism -- but it's actually quite problematic. You still can't smoke it in most public places; a lot of hotels and motels are non-smoking. For locals, most have to partake in their own homes, but if you're a tourist, not an option. I don't know if they've found ways to address it, or if there might leave it that way to deliberately discourage tourist use.
One idea I've heard is to have a place that's sort of the equivalent of a bar or coffee shop but for cannabis, a business where you can legally hang out and smoke. I'm not sure if that would conflict with California's ban on smoking in bars if someone were to open such a business here, but I'm guessing it would be allowed. If I remember correctly there's some sort of exemption for "cigar bars", so I could see lawmakers making a similar exemption for cannabis if there isn't one already.
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