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Originally Posted by jimmy101_again View Post
This is what I meant earlier by "ingrained". Many health practitioners prescribe opioids more readily than they prescribe acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or even aspirin. Like Musicgeek, I have three or four old bottles of Oxycontin at home from wisdom tooth extractions and other dental procedures for my family. I suspect that a total of 3 pills were actually used out of more than a dozen in the prescriptions.
Back in 2006 I had a peritonsillar abscess. I told them honestly my pain was a 2, if that. They still gave me prescription for some heavy-duty painkiller. I did not realize this as my stepmother (a physician) had taken charge of the prescriptions and then filled them while my dad and sister got me out of the ER and back home. My stepmother didn't realise I'd described my pain as a two or she never would have bothered filling it, especially knowing my reluctance to take painkillers as they don't really work well on me.

I never touched them and disposed of them a few months later when I remembered I had them.

And I still wonder: why bother prescribing them to someone who outright admits to not being in pain?
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