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I never even got a buzz from codeine; just pain relief (menstrual cramps, before iboprofen came on the market) and/or cough relief. And no lethargy, unusual sleepiness, or constipation. I was only taking small doses, however.

My mother used to take low doses codeine for pain (headaches mostly), with no side effects at all so long as the dose was low; she would sometimes do so for weeks, then stop taking it for months or years, then take it again if she had pain. She never had any trouble stopping.

Results however do vary widely. I'm only giving those as examples of the other end of the spectrum; not meaning to contradict that some people do have significant trouble with the stuff. And I had a friend in high school, back when the cough syrup was OTC unrestricted, who used to drink it for the fun of it, and got yanked out of school for a while by her family in order, I think, to dry her out (my knowledge of just what was going on was blurry; I'm pretty sure they shifted her to a different school, not took her out of school entirely except maybe briefly.)

It is not however my general impression that more people got into trouble with opiates when you could buy codeine cough syrup OTC than they do now. I'm pretty sure people even get into trouble with the cough syrup that you can buy now -- the difference seems to be primarily that the codeine version actually stopped the cough, which the newer cough syrup substitutes don't.
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