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Originally Posted by erwins View Post
I also think that some diversion or misuse occurs because of the lack of access to medical care for many in this country. If a person is unable to see a doctor but is in pain, others may offer them Rx painkillers that had been legally obtained, with the intention of helping the person.
I've had 2 close friends, non addicts, call me and ask me to share my migraine medicine while they waited for doctor's appointments (the wait time in our area has become absurd, sometimes several months at a time unless you want to sit for 6 hours in the ER). I declined, but I could understand why they were asking. They were desperate. One had a migraine herself after being free of them for years, and the other was waiting to see a specialist for a painful condition. Like you, I had been "hoarding" one prescription that I never used, but after that I disposed of it so I couldn't be put in that position again. I felt bad but, no.
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