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I experienced some of the bad effects of the more restrictive approach. I was unable to get a prescription painkiller when I had a broken wrist, which kept me from being able to sleep well for a while, while I was attending law school. It isn't like I couldn't take the pain, but I definitely lost productivity. I would have had to take off work if I had been working.

I have issues with my teeth, and have sometimes needed Rx painkillers for toothaches. When prescribing is tight, I could not get those meds until something like a root canal. Because I typically only used a few pills, I used to then hang onto the rest in case I could not get any the next time they were needed. It created a sort of hoarding mentality that is a bad thing, because it means people have stores of these meds lying around that they are not using.

I also think that some diversion or misuse occurs because of the lack of access to medical care for many in this country. If a person is unable to see a doctor but is in pain, others may offer them Rx painkillers that had been legally obtained, with the intention of helping the person. But then they are not dealing with the medical problem, and are now taking Rx meds without medical supervision. It's easy to see how that could lead to addiction and other adverse consequences.

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