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Locally we are dealing with carfentanil, which is an elephant tranquilizer, I believe.

I had a young friend who was trying to get sober for her son (she was 20, her son was 18 mo) and her baby's father gave her a single dose of carfentanil and killed her. He's being prosecuted for murder because he was sober and knew what the drug would do to her.

Carfentanil is causing most of the deaths from opiates around here, but I don't quite understand it on behalf of the dealers - why would you kill your customers?

Our vet has a pretty intense process for picking up painkillers for our 2 cancer stricken dogs - we have to show ID and they make a note of it, and we can only pick up 15 at a time. It's stricter than with humans. I can't imagine it'd be easier with elephants.

I'm in the hospital right now after surgery but they have me on something, and when they let me go home tomorrow any extra pain pills get flushed.
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