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We live without it for the vast majority of the summer. We do really well at cooling the house down at night and closing it up during the day. But, there's always that one (or sometimes more) high heatwave during the summer where the temperatures get very high, and it doesn't cool off enough at night. When that happens, I can't sleep at all. So, we have a window unit in our bedroom that I install just before the first heatwave.

We got one for the kids' room as well because it's worth a lot to not have them wake up due to temperature changes. Again, just for the really hot nights.

There's a reason people all have A/C in some parts of the country though. In Florida, it often doesn't cool off more than, say 10 to 15 degrees at night. Whereas here, there can be temperature swings of 30 degrees, easily. If it's 90 during the day but down to 60 at night, the no A/C method is just workable. If it's 95 during the day, and only goes down to 80 overnight, it won't work to make the house comfortable for most people.

Also, A/C lowers humidity, which makes a huge difference in places like Florida.