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I am SOOOO relieved your kitties are ok. Isnít it something? Itís like you can deal with just about anything. When the firemen finally let us back in, my brother led the way to my apartment. When we got to the door, he pushed me aside and opened the door first. (Later he said if there were dead cats, he didnít even want me coming in.) Madeline was sitting on the coffee table all ďwhatís up? Lotsa racket around here. Got some treats?Ē Slick was nowhere to be seen. No electricity. Lots of loud voices, flashing red and blue lightsÖ I grabbed the flashlight I ALWAYS keep right by the door, went down the hall, into the bedroom, around the bed, and sure enough: 15lbs of shivering scared black and white cat. I got him pulled out and we got out of there. Then Madeline figured out how the automatic windows worked on Bradís car as we were streaming down mopac and 80mph and nearly got sucked out onto the road.

So what kind of damage do you have? Are they offering you another place in the complex or do you have to bug out altogether?