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Originally Posted by Crius of CoH View Post
There is stuff missing from the first five books. There are things I distinctly recall that are no longer in later editions of the books. [ . . . ] Gah! Physical copies of the books run for hundreds of dollars on eBay.
Hmmm. Need to remember that when sorting the bookshelves.

I'm fairly sure I have one or two of those somewhere, but am not sure which ones or how old they are. -- mid-market season is not the best time to turn out all of the bookshelves, however. Maybe this winter. (Yes, I know. Really organized people would know which shelf to look on. Really organized people don't pick up books to look at them, put them down in a different room on any handy horizontal surface, and then stick them on the nearest shelf when clearing up in a hurry. Repeat for several decades . . . )
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