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Judge Snopes bingo

I have a new idea for a game, which might be fun, but it could also become kind of annoying. Thus if the mods say no, no big deal.

Here are the rules.

1. There is only one bingo card per game.

2. You mark a square off by being the first to post in this thread quoting or pointing to the post in which the phrase or smiley is used.

3. First claimant gets to count the square; if it’s not you, you have to wait for the phrase to appear again.

4. Phrases and smileys only count in the body of a post.

5. The judge is the person who creates the bingo card; the judge’s decision is final.

6. Close paraphrases are ok; judge decides what counts.

7. The winner gets to make the next card and be the next judge.

8. You cannot claim a phrase used in this thread, or in your own post in another thread.

9. You may only use posts made since the current bingo card began. i.e., in this case, after the timestamp on this post.

10. You are responsible for keeping track of the squares you have been awarded.

11. The first person to get all nine must post here with the words “SNOPES BINGO!”

12. Other rules may be added as we go along, in case there's something I haven't thought of, not just to mess with your minds.

Here is the first bingo card, so I’m making it easy:

ROLLY EYE ICON___________Cite, please__________DOYC


Clinton__________________UL__________________Hitle r
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