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Originally Posted by Hero_Mike View Post
Yes, but with a very small sample size.

Years of experience still doesn't mean a lot of experience with disaster - I've been driving for 27 years now and never had to experience a high-speed accident, rollover, or anything like that. That's probably statistically typical, so it doesn't say anything about the quality of my driving. Again, if you have one bald tire, and 3 good ones, the best place for that bald tire is at the junkyard, or in the trunk, while your good spare is on the road, and you are on your way to buy a new tire.
True, experience measured in years doesn't mean you've experienced every situation. It does increase the likelihood of experience a particular situation. In my case I've driven a long distance (at least tens of miles) on the freeway with a flat rear tire. The flat tire had no noticeable affect on the behavior of the car at freeway speeds. I've also driven with a flat front tire and in that case is was immediately obvious while driving that something was serious wrong with how the car behaved.
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