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Originally Posted by RichardM View Post
And I have completely ripped off the rear tire before and was still able to control the car. Google the topic and you will find that best tires on the rear is always the recommendation no matter your pesonal experience.
I made no comment on where one should have their "best" tire - I merely pointed out that a flat tire on a RWD car, front or rear, did not cause me any real grief and I was able to slow down the car and pull over to the side of the road without incident. If a tire is so far gone that it is likely to go flat imminently, well, the only good place for that tire is in the trunk.

It is worth noting that a flat tire on the front of a FWD car has much more potential for bad things to happen - steering and traction are both affected much more than a RWD car. Since most cars are FWD, that's the situation to avoid, but it's still not smart to have any tires significantly worse than the others. That said, if I'd rather drive on a donut spare on a back tire (of a FWD car) than a front tire.
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