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Read This!

While I am certainly one to point out that a sweet potato isn't a yam, I'm beginning to sympathize with an article I read a while back that proposed we stop drawing lines about (f'rinstance) what's a monkey and what's an ape based solely on scientific classifications and related genetics. Everyday people call something what they call it, and scientists saying Hominoidea are apes and not monkeys doesn't change that. Today I often hear starfish being called "sea stars" - a name I'm sure was never common in everyday usage - because they aren't fish. (They aren't stars either, but that never seems to matter.)

All that being said, for the sake of knowing what I'm talking about I still strive to not call sweet potatoes yams, not call muskmelons cantaloupes, and not call the cassia bark in my kitchen cinnamon. I fear I am turning into a crackpot.
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