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I do remember something about a boy who was staying in a house/room outside was playing music really loud the night of the murder and didn't hear anything. Maybe that is part of how this rumor got started. That and the fact that Helter Skelter was written at the crime scene. Charles Manson was obsessed with the race war he thought The Beatles were telling him to start and he was friends with one of The Beach Boys on top of being a musician (of sorts) himself, so there was a lot of music involved in the story, but it wouldn't have made a lot of sense for them to go to the trouble of leaving a boombox at the scene playing a sound. You have to remember that they didn't have recordable CDs back then that you could just push repeat on, so it wouldn't have been as simple to make sure that a song was playing when the police arrived. They would have had to have recorded hours and hours of the same song on a tape and hope that it was long enough to still be playing whenever the police got there.
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