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Comment: Dear Mr and Mrs Micholson,
I was listening to NPR and heard your interview. I heard you speak of the
Oliver North "myth" concerning his mentioning the name of Usama Bin Laden
at the Iran Contra Hearings. I am 64 years old and I happened to be
watching the hearings on that day. I remeber distinctly that Colonel
North answered the question as to why he had a security fence built at his
home, he said that he was under threat from the most dangerous man in the
world. When asked the name of this man, North answered "Usama Bin Laden."
I remeber the name distinctly because I had never heard it before. When I
next heard it after 9-11, I remebered hearing it before when Norht uttered
that name at the hearings. I don't care what those transcripts say.
Watch the tape and then say it's a myth. I dare you to do that and post
the tape on your site.
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