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Comment: In regards the "I got Love in my Tummy" the year was early '80s
as we'd just gotten cable in a small East Texas town, on GOOD MORNING
AMERICA when guest Elton John "Came out" on NATIONAL TELEVION (BRAVO!! but
I completely remember because my very strict parents came running in
demanding I turn it OFF)and how bizarre but brave of him in the early 80's
to do that.

To prove see if you can find that interview HE did confirm the pumping the
stomach and mentioned Bowie & Stewart although I do not vividly remember
as I did with coming out and the story, I believe he did not reveal
exactly who got their stomach pumped it was mainly alcohol and all those
lovely drugs from the 80's but he mentioned two were contributers and on
got their stomach pumped and with his wink it was him, no gallon of sperm
but a gallon in total, but as as I am an RN and since it was in UK most
likely it was 1000ml.

The Rumors are NOT accurate but the story is TRUE, find the GOOD MORNING
AMERICA footage, ABC has archives tapes and transcript, it's TRUE. just
NOT dog semen and a gallon of it...the story is true as said by Elton John
now how truthful he was....but he did "come out" so why lie???
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