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Ooh, Gorgonzola sounds good. Something like a sauce, or a crust? I've seen steaks with crusts, but I've never tried making one.
mbravo, I have some fairly complex recipes for sauces. After visiting Europe a long while back, I got on a sauce kick and got pretty good at making an au poivre and a bacon bourbon sauce. The au poivre has cream and butter so that wouldn't work, but if you are up for a complex sauce, let me know and I'll get out the recipe. It was good enough it made our family cookbook.
For something a bit easier, chimichurri or gremolata work pretty well. Chimichurri is basically fresh herbs and garlic in olive oil. Gremolata is just minced garlic, chopped parsley, and lemon zest. It could be combined with some olive oil as well.
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