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Icon23 Steak - prime, aged, and Wagyu

We did a taste test over the weekend, and I thought I'd share and perhaps solicit some thoughts on steak preparation.

A while back, we decided that we don't eat steak all that often, so if we are going to do it, we are going to get better cuts of meat. We've been eating prime rib-eye for the most part, with a prime tenderloin as the other major choice. And they have been great! But we changed butchers to one that wasn't quite as far away, and found that they have prime, 21-day aged prime, and Wagyu beef. The price difference can be pretty steep, especially for the Wagyu, so we wanted to make sure that we were getting good steak without wasting money. Time for a blind taste test!

DW bought one of each type, as close in size to each other as she could. She blocked any identifiers, labelled them A, B, and C, and turned them over to me.

Day one was steak C. Let it come completely to room temperature, seasoned with a touch of salt and pepper, heated the oven to 500, and got a skillet smoking hot. Cooked for 2 minutes, flipped to see a nice brown crust, and put it in the oven until it hit 130 F. Transferred to a plate to rest, and added a couple of patties of garlic herb butter to melt while it rested. Cut it in half, and we ate. We decided to call the first one a 7/10, so we had room to move. It was good - really tender, but not as much flavor as you could hope for. We had cut down on spicing compared to normal, and used no sauce of any kind, just the butter. We liked this, but would have wanted a bit more spice before cooking.

Day 2, steak A. Same process. This time, one bite and we both went to a 9/10, if only because we wanted a touch of room to go higher if the next one was better. It had a deep, meaty flavor that the previous steak couldn't touch. No more seasoning needed, and as good as any steak I had ever had at any steakhouse.

Day 3, steak B. Same process. I went to about 9.25/10, and DW went to 9.5/10. It was hard to describe why it was better, but we both independently found it to be a bit better than the previous one. Maybe it was a little more tender? Not sure, but it was better by a nose.

We then compared notes, and the order was prime, aged, then Wagyu. So the Wagyu was better than the aged prime, but when comparing the prices of them, it wasn't that much better. When we have steak again, it will almost certainly be the aged prime. Really, if you have access to it and are willing to shell out a bit more (It think it was in the $22/lb range), it will be a much better experience than going with choice, or even prime.

So, anyone else love a good steak? Cooking suggestions, or side dish suggestions would be welcome, as well. For sides, we had fresh picked sweet corn all three days, and various potatoes and grilled veggies.
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