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Originally Posted by erwins View Post
Darth Credence,

I'm inspired by your post. My MIL has been buying us a whole boneless ribeye subprimal from Costco whenever she visits. She then greets me with, "I brought you some work" because I get to cut it up into steaks before freezing it. I absolutely love a good ribeye steak, and a roast done right is also amazing. But the last few steaks I've pulled out of the freezer have been unimpressive. So much so that I went back and checked the ziplock bag to see if I'd accidentally pulled out an inferior cut of meat.

I can't invite MIL to buy us more expensive meat, but I think next time she comes, I'm going to try DIY dry aging. Nothing too drastic, but I think, based on the most recent steaks, this meat could be vastly improved by some aging to make it more tender and less watery. SO is part of a "buy nothing" group, and I told her to keep an eye out for a free mini fridge.

As for preparation, I prefer grilling, but most of the time I just use a cast iron pan over high heat. I think I'll start combining that with the 500 oven as you described. I like mine a bit more rare, as well, so I usually don't go past about 122 internal temp.

For seasoning, I use Johnny's seasoned salt, but I would use anything similar that has a good amount of MSG in it. I highly recommend trying something with MSG if you are not opposed to it. It strongly enhances the flavor of the steak in my opinion. I add it at the beginning, after patting steaks dry.

My go to accompaniment is sauteed onions (caramelized) and mushrooms.
Let me know how home dry aging works out. I could conceivably get a side of beef, and although they do some aging, I might want to age more. If it is reasonable, I might do it.
As to MSG, I'm also a big believer. I didn't use it for this particular test, but it (called Accent in the bottle) is a part of my dry rub.
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