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Originally Posted by GalateaDancer View Post
I had someone whip out this factoid on another board I frequent:

"the average colon contains around 5 pounds of undigested meat at any one time"

I googled, and found similar claims, but they all seemed to be on woo-woo holistic health sites, with no medical study citation. Anyone know where this claim comes from, and if it has any true medical/boilogical basis?
My mother died due to intestinal blockage. This is a woman with such a high pain threshhold that she did not find a heart attack painful and she only felt labor (which she went through three times) when she reached transition. She was in so much pain they were giving her morphine.

Next time someone whips out this factoid, I suggest everyone here harp on the pain aspect. Because it's enormous.

Seaboe, who is not at all amused.
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