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Why is it always meat? I haven't found a good site for a cite, but a little googling shows that veggies and nuts are the hard to digest foods. Why isn't it 15 pounds of broccoli in your colon? Would make more sense.
And, even assuming that meat is harder to digest and sticks around, do these people think that the colon sorts food? Does it shove the meat to one side to let the rest of the stuff past?

Proud carnivore here!

ETA, I found a great cite on thedigestibility of various types of food.
Protein Fat Carbohydrates
Animal foods 97 95 98
Cereals and breadstuffs 85 90 98
Dried legumes 78 90 97
Vegetables 83 90 95
Fruits 85 90 90
Total of Food Average Mixed Diet 92 95 98
ETAA: Awwww, I spent so long formatting that quote, and it didn't work. YOu will just have to look at the site to understand it.

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