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Originally Posted by crocoduck_hunter View Post
There are two main types of conservatives in America: the kind who are vile misogynistic racist homophobes, and the kind who are willing to put up with the former because they're willing to throw women, minorities, immigrants, and LGBT people under the bus as long as they can get tax cuts and reduced regulations on industry.
Pretty much. I feel a need to reiterate a rule I have: even if youíre claiming more noble, more enlightened reasons for charging with a racist, stinking mob full of assholes, youíre still charging with a racist, stinking mob full of assholes.

Even if his supporters claim to have voted for Trump for reasons that arenít racist, that doesnít change the fact that his platform centered around one idea: certain people arenít fully human and thus arenít deserving of the basic rights due to them. Donald Trump proposed no policy or anything besides his one idea. Even if they believe that he did propose other ideas, in voting for him, they gave tacit approval to Donaldís racism, demonstrating that it wasnít a dealbreaker for them.

But I have to admit that Iíve been biting my tongue and eyeing this thread warily. We should try to talk to each other and not just fling memes and insults at each other; even if we donít change each otherís minds, we can still benefit from hearing each otherís arguments and gaining an understanding of each other. I am Christian, yet I subscribe to several atheist channels on YouTube, because hearing their arguments, helps me to understand mine a little more and again, I learn about how they see the world.

The problem is, the whole reaching out and talking to people whose views differ from ours, only works in a situation where both sides are interested in an open, honest discussion. Itís based on the presumption that all sides are acting out of good faith. Unfortunately thatís not the case regarding a lot of groups on the Right.

The GOP has so embraced the racist wingnut vote and has basically become a doomsday cult, willing to burn down everything, if it would keep the other side from winning. Rightwing politicians and their followers have made it abundantly clear that they are not interested in a debate or in hearing anyone elseís arguments. Under those circumstances, debating would be a waste of time. If you get a discussion going with someone like that, the best thing to do, is to count your losses and get out, once youíve realized that theyíre not interested.

Compromise is also a good virtue, one that should be practiced, but there are somethings in life that canít compromised on. Sometimes, it does come down to Right or Wrong and under those circumstances, centrism is a monstrous load of bullshit, thatís somehow even more irritating than outright cruelty.
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