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Last night I was given a reminder on Facebook as to why I have to stay away from certain types of political discussion.

An acquaintance of mine (who has somewhat mixed political views, generally tilting towards soft libertarianism) posted this meme claiming that Tim Tebow used to kneel during the National Anthem at his games to protest abortion, contrasting the reaction to when Colin Kapernick did it. Now, as it happens, I support abortion rights and I also support Kapernick's protest, but I also like the truth, so I posted a link to the page here debunking it. In comes a guy saying I'm wrong and proceeding to rant about how much he dislikes Kapernick. Three times, I explained that wasn't what I was trying to point out; I was talking about Tebow's behavior, not Kapernick. And three times, he came back with similar rants about Kapernick. So, I shrugged and walked away. Maybe someone else can calm him down.

That's where I break down: when I'm faced with people who Just. Won't. Listen. (Or in this case, Read.) I've run into that in face-to-face encounters, and had to be removed from the situation by friends who could see I was on the verge of losing it.

It can be frustrating to deal with the people who have an answer for everything -- it's been pointed out that it's pointless to argue with a die-hard conspiracy theorist, because they're so obsessed on the subject that no matter what you say, they will bring up yet another obscure fact or source and eventually will come up with something you can't instantly debunk. The only way to avoid this is to become as obsessed as they are, in which way lies madness (or Vincent Bugliosi's Reclaming Hitory ). But at least you can have something like an actual conversation.

So, if I had any lingering thoughts of trying to get into politics, that pretty much quashed them. There would be people I just can't deal with.

That said, it would be nice to find some common ground with people who take generally opposing views, but it's gotten progressively harder, and I, admittedly, have gotten less interested in trying. Too self-absorbed I suppose.
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