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And yet --

over the last 30 years, many people have changed their position on gay marriage.

And that one has definitely not gone in the conservatives' direction.

I think there is definitely an aspect of one-sidedness to the problem. Shortly after the election, one of my local libraries held a how-do-we-take-to-each-other-about-politics event. It was very carefully put out as politically neutral; and at the start of the meeting we were in fact asked not to say anything that indicated our particular political stances.

But as the evening went on, however careful everyone was trying to be, our political stances started to seep out; and it became clear that everone who'd shown up, although we were in a very red area, was well on the blue side of the spectrum.

It's hard to talk with people who don't want to be part of the conversation.

And sometimes it's me who doesn't want to. I got through Thanksgiving dinner, as a lot of people probably did, by trying and mostly succeeding in keeping everyone to a no-politics rule.

However -- getting through an occasional dinner is one thing. Getting through the next century, say, without communicating with each other isn't going to work. We're all stuck living in the same country. And even those who don't care what country they live in and have the money to leave are still stuck living in the same world.
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