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Originally Posted by kitap View Post
A true Lori will yank an item out of your hands
Any friend of mine who physically yanked anything out of my hands would end up bouncing down the sidewalk on her rear end with the slam of the door echoing in her ears. I consider that completely unacceptable behavior.

On the other hand, have a friend to say "you hated that, don't keep it" is extraordinarily helpful.

When I was prepping for my remodel, I unpacked all the boxes in storage that contained books (primarily inherited from my mother). Everything had to fit on the shelves I already had. If there wasn't enough room, things had to go. In the end, I probably gave away close to 5,000 books.

What I did (and am still doing) to declutter is declare three things: i) nothing stays in boxes; b) everything has to fit into the amount of storage I'm willing to give it; 3) when storage over flows, something has to go.

I'm not finished (there are still boxes around), and I may never be finished, but those are my goals.

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