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For me, getting rid of clothes was tricky, because I do wear everything, just not necessarily often enough to justify keeping it. I found it helpful to start by clearing out a bunch of stuff--everything but the essentials--but then putting it out of sight for a while without getting rid of it. There were a few things I ended up going back for, which I then returned to my closet. But others were out of sight, out of mind, and easier to let go of after the trial run.

With your books, you might find it easier to let go if you're giving them to someone who would really appreciate your carefully collected series, instead of just dropping it off at Goodwill. I don't have any specific suggestions on that front, but it seems like the psychological barrier is that you know these things have value as a set and you don't want to feel as if you're just throwing them away or scattering them to the winds. If you found someone to cherish them, you might even feel good about getting rid of them.
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