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Dirty Martini:
Combine 2 ounces premium vodka or gin in a shaker with ice and a splash (no more than 1/4 oz) of olive juice. Stir (or shake, if you're drinking with James Bond) and strain into a chilled glass. Garnish with three olives on a pick. Enjoy while reflecting upon the pointlessness of vermouth.

Esprise "dirty Grey Goose martini, rocks on the side" Me

James Bond was wrong, you never shake a Martini! Also, if you use gin you really don't want to shake it, you will bruise the gin. Some say that you can't but at "bartender school", they made us try it, there is a definite difference. Shaking actually causes oxidation that can change the flavor of gin. (and I swear by using aged ice because it melts slower = less dilution = better Martini)

Don't let me get started on Vodka in a martini.

I also agree with some of the others. I grew up in Northern Iowa, we have snow from November (sometimes October) to early April and the thought has never crossed my mind to eat it. I don't drink out of puddles. I suppose that I have let snow fall in my mouth when it was falling, and same with rain, but I would never pick it up off the ground. That is weird to me. Maybe if I purposely collected it in a clean container.

Woodland "well, it is supposed to snow on Wednesday..." Elf
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