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Originally Posted by Richard W View Post
Because it's an Austrian dish? At least in its best-known form over here, Wiener schnitzel...

(eta) D'oh! I can't believe I just confused Austria and Australia. But perhaps the restaurants were also doing that.
There was a series of ads here a few years ago where Arnold Schwarzenegger told his assistant he wanted to move back to Austria and was looking at a real estate site...for Australia. He was looking at all sorts of Australian places and wondering why he hadn't heard of them before (Wagga Wagga pronounced Vagga Vagga etc) I think he even ended up coming here under the apparent belief he was back home in Austria. So if the former Govenator can do it you are allowed. I was pleased to know he had a good sense of humour and was quite happy to send himself up a bit.

I also believe that is how Australia ended up in Eurovision.

"Australia? Australia!!? I said check with Austria to see how their preparations for Eurovision are going!! Oh well I guess we let them come and tell them it is a special invitation because of the 60th anniversary."

Richard W you weren't on the committee for Eurovision a few years ago were you?