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There's actually a Latin America taqueria just half a block from my house that seems like it's putting in a lot of effort at authenticity but I've never been there because it looks expensive, I really should check it out.

Although I really wouldn't know if it was authentic or not, I'd have to trust their word on it. We don't exactly get a lot of Mexican immigrants in Australia. I wish we had more!

Originally Posted by thorny locust View Post
Well, the old idea of Chinese food in the USA wasn't anything recognizable in China. And American pizza isn't anything like Italian. Possibly that's what's considered "Mexican" food in the culture the restaurant owners come from?
Yeah that's what I'm assuming. The area has a fairly high Muslim population and there were actually quite a few other people at the 'Mexican' diner so I guess they liked the food just fine.
I didn't actually dislike the food but it was a perfectly fine if somewhat bland middle eastern platter as far as I'm concerned.