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OMG, My best friend IRL just mentioned Seth Rich and said "False Flag" on her facebook. She asks questions, but doesn't really want anyone to debate with her. She only wants to hear people who agree with her. She says that's how she likes to use her facebook like she's at home. Ugh! She really isn't a stupid person, but on politics she's plain gone loony. She blames Trumplethinskin (that's a new one from a different friend ) getting into office entirely on the evil and corrupt DNC. Not on Trump voters, not on third party voters (she voted Stein), not on Russian meddling. Nope it was the DNC who apparently offed this Seth Rich guy (as reported by FOX news) for trying to give thousands of e-mails to wikileaks. His family is pissed that this crap is politicizing their son's death and taking the focus off finding who murdered him.

I hate seeing her spew such ignorant crap, but when she pops up on my phone I have to look like driving by a grisly accident.