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ETA: as we seem to at least in default mode now be on another page: this is in response to Lainie and Mr. Billion.

Hmmm. I'm actually having trouble finding anything in depth online, although there are plenty of brief references:,_Nebraska

This museum:
probably does have useful stuff but you might need to go there in person, or at least join, to get at it.

This paper on the Workmen's Circle, which was highly active in Omaha as well as elsewhere, may have something useful but it doesn't seem to display properly for me:

--If you research this much, you're going to keep tripping over Tillie Olsen. I'd strongly recommend Panthea Reid's biography, which goes a long way towards clarifying Olsen's actual life; much of the other information commonly given about her just isn't so. (There are also considerable references in the early part of this book to the progressive Jewish community in Omaha.)
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