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TL, I think you handled it fine. But then, I also think it would've been fine to just say "no." So maybe don't listen to me.

Did anyone else feel foolish, betrayed, or other negative emotions besides disappointed? I used to feel strongly that instilling the Santa story in young children was wrong, that it was a breach of trust and setting them up to believe in all kinds of pernicious nonsense. But nobody else seems to have experienced it that way, so I don't really know what to think anymore. I suppose it could even be argued that it does the opposite, by teaching children early on that not all "lies" are about hurting people, and not everything your parents tell you is the truth.

I have two younger cousins on my father's side whom I love but often don't understand, because they've never been much like I was at their ages--or at any age. I couldn't wait to get my driver's license; one of them never got hers (she's 30 now) and the other waited several years and still avoids driving whenever possible. I went to college 3,000 miles from home (and studied abroad twice); they both stayed within 100 miles of home and now live in the small city where they grew up. While I was probably at least thinking about devising a trap to disprove the existence of Santa at age 5, they asked their mom when they were 8 and 11, and when she asked if they really wanted to know, they both cried out, "no!" She continued playing Santa for years after, though on some level I guess the jig was up.
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