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I was 6 when I pointed out that the Santa that had just visited a family gathering was actually my uncle. I think I could have still believed if my parents had acknowledged it, but played it off, like, yes, of course the real Santa is too busy and can't make personal appearances at parties, so we did this for fun. Instead, they denied that it was my uncle in a Santa suit, and insisted it was really Santa. So then I knew.

I'm not sure how much my kids believe in Santa. We were conflicted about it. It can be cool for kids to have a sense of magic, but we also didn't really want to lie. Ultimately we have done the Santa thing because SO's brother's family does it, and it would have been a huge deal if we didn't join in, or "ruined" it.

I think we were utterly unconvincing about the Easter Bunny, in part because SO did not grow up with that, and I couldn't really remember what the Easter Bunny supposedly did, and we kind of just half-heartedly said something about it the day before.
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