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Based on the information from the CQ Press, the poster is a new one, not one that would have existed at the time.

Most of the poster would date from late January of 1942. Fat totals would have been 10 ounces from December 1941 to January 1942. But sugar was 10 ounces from mid November 1941 - mid January 1942 so it would have to be after that. Cheese was at 1 ounce between May 1941 and July 1942. But jam/preserves/syrup were at 2 oz per week only from March 1941 to July 1941. By the winter of 1941/1942, the preserve rations would have been 4 ounces per week, 1 ounce of which had to be syrup.

If I had to guess, I'd say that was a new poster created from the Wikipedia page on UK rationing as it matches the minimum ration table in the chart including the discrepancy between jam/preserves/syrup and the other items.
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