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I would guess that it's a modern reproduction of a sign, made for a school project or something.

The part that looks suspicious to me isn't the Spam as such (although I've no idea whether that would be rationed like that - Spam's a brand name, so if so, it must have been down to individual grocers rather than the rationing laws), it's the pricing for the meat:

Lamb = 9p per lb
Beef = 11p per lb
I would have expected them to use "d" not "p" for pence there, in pre-decimal currency - as they have in 1/1d on the other side. (I'm not even sure they'd have written that in that way either - wouldn't it be either just 1/1 or 1s 1d?)

I could be wrong about both of those, but those are the things that look inconsistent to me. Also that it looks like it was drawn up in felt-tip pen, and felt-tips apparently weren't invented until the 1960s!

So, as I said, I'm guessing a class project about rationing that might not have got all the details quite correct for the period, since the object would have been to illustrate the general principle rather than to accurately reproduce a poster of the time.

(eta) The cheese bit, too. Why would people shopping during WWII need to be shown what 1oz of cheese looked like? They'd already know - and it doesn't show similar pictures for the meat. Again, that suggests that it's to illustrate the idea to modern schoolchildren rather than anything contemporary.

(eta again) PS Hello! It's unusual to see new posters these days!

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