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I think that a lot of what was going on in terms of bank bailouts and TARP funds and all that was above my head in terms of macroeconomics so to some degree I figured "Well all those experts seem to think its a good idea.."

But to answer yes, I did not think it was fair that people were losing their homes and the banks were getting bailed out. And then when the banks took all sorts of bonuses for themselves and went on fancy company retreats and then didn't even properly loan out money as was intended I was even more pissed off.

They helped to create the problem in the first place, then they cried that they were too big to fail and if they went under they'd take the rest of us with them, then they used the money we gave them (or some of it at least) to give themselves huge bonuses instead of hiring back people or loaning out funds to people to help slow the economic destruction, then they had the gaul to suggest that really it was unfair of the taxpayer to think anything different.

To turn it around however.. They were given benefits by the government with no strings attached as to how to use them (or so I"m told, which is how they got away with giving themselves bonuses), if you feel that people should be able to use government benefits however they please why are you concerned how the banks used them? If you are upset that the government gave them the money in the first place, or upset that there weren't enough safeguards to ensure the money was used appropriately fine, but why do you care that they gave themselves bonuses when it was their money to spend as they wish?

As for me, I hold the idea that if the taxpayers are giving you money then its not unreasonable to have some kind of restrictions on how its used. We have them for welfare and we should have had them (or at least had more or better) for the banks.

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