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Originally Posted by Gutter Monkey View Post

I have another friend who does a similar thing where he'll assume everyone knows what he's talking about so he'll tell a story or ask a question but he'll leave out crucial details (like who or what he's talking about) and then he struggles to understand why we're confused.
My mom does this. I know she means no ill will, I think she just has had part of the conversation in her own head and doesn't realize it wasn't said out loud. She also has the reverse problem where she will be telling a story and start to include small details that don't matter, but she pauses to remember- "And she was wearing a purple sweater- no, it was blue.. well kind of in between, you know" during a story where the point is we will be surprised who she ran into at the supermarket and the clothign worn by the person isn't actually an essential detail. Almost like she's quizzing herself to remember as many details as she can, I'm not really sure. But there've been plenty of times where she'll say "What did he think of the gift?" and we have to ask "Which 'he?' We've been talking about 3 separate men in this conversation."
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