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Originally Posted by Esprise Me View Post
She realizes intellectually that I am a different person, but can't consistently deduce that I will not necessarily like everything she likes (even if she really really really likes it.)
Ugh, I know a guy like this. He'll tell me all about the latest show or movie or whatever it was that got him excited, going on and on about it for an excruciatingly long time and completely missing that I'm sitting there bored. One time I actually said it didn't sound like something I'd be into and he said "Oh, I thought you'd like it" in a really hurt tone. Really? Why? When have I ever expressed any interest in a show like that ever?
His attitude seems to be "I like A and I'm a rightminded person so everyone else I consider to be a rightminded person must also like A"

I have another friend who does a similar thing where he'll assume everyone knows what he's talking about so he'll tell a story or ask a question but he'll leave out crucial details (like who or what he's talking about) and then he struggles to understand why we're confused.
He does it so often that I'm starting to think he may have a mild narcissistic personality disorder which makes him genuinely incapable of understanding that the information that's in his head doesn't always exist in other people's heads.
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