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Well, personally, I'm not that interested in the bogus science of flatland. I am, however, quite interested in 1) What makes a jab at a fool funny rather than just a cheap shot (if not cruel, which I don't think it is in this case; on the contrary, I think these groups enjoy the attention) or just meh, etc. 2) What makes people want to talk about how foolish people are rather than what I think are the more interesting issues such as 3) What are the various nuances of the reasons they became (or were born) fools and what do they mean about people (ie. us) in general.

I thought you made some interesting points in your first post here, Errata. Nevertheless, I feel that if it's a small delusion we should all be able to see how we ourselves are prone to similar and if it's an extreme one and a complex one then we should be able to see that it's not simply a case of choosing to be idiotic. I honestly don't know which if any are more worthy of ridicule. I suppose if it's like Blather said then whatever relieves the awful stress of being so utterly more correct in ones opinion.

ETA Oh and this metamorphosis of Dunning-Kruger into a kind of scientific urban legend of its own is extremely extremely fascinating, not least because if its overuse and abuse in communities that seem to be claiming some kind of intellectual superiority.

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