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Originally Posted by erwins View Post
Creative song! It works with the tune, and it's pretty funny.

But why is Pelosi "crying" and "screaming"? If it's a charicature, I haven't seen the emotional (hysterical?) behavior it's based on.
I had to think of something! It just fit. Nothing against the Speaker of the House. I find her to be rather soft-spoken in her response to Dear Leader. Her name just fit that's all.

Dawn-relax Weird Al!--Storm

ETA: Mouse--Not my business how old you are, but back in the late 70s, President Carter gave a speech at 8pm instead of the usual 9pm so as not to interfere with Monday Night Football. I do believe it was a Skins-Cowboys game, which was then a serious rivalry. He mentioned it in his speech. Then there was a playoff game in the 80s that kept being interrupted by CBS' special reports on some nuclear summit between President Reagan and whoever ran the USSR (I don't think it was Gorbachev). People were not amused to put it mildly! Yes, world peace is important, but c'mon man! This is football!
Richard M--You and the talk show host I listen to have both been following Trump since the 80s. Local talk show first saw Trump on the Morton Downy Show.

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