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It is a standard mindset among the Right, the idea that they are super-studly independent ubermensch who donít need anything or anyone and therefore, they clearly do not benefit from the government or any services that the government provides. While at the same time, theyíre driving on government-owned and maintained roads, utilizing government utilities, spreading their views thanks in part to tech that was developed by the US military, being protected by the FDA, OSHA, FAA, and God-Only-Knows how many government organizations and regulations. It leads to them being able to say things like, ĒI was on food stamps and welfare and no one helped me,Ē with a completely straight face. Either way, they feel the government benefits from them, rather than the other way around.

Itís for that reason why if someone hasnít already done it, I hope someone writes a reversed version of Atlas Shrugged. In this version, the Corporate CEOs still throw their hissies and go off to Galtís Gulch. However, since being able to move money and bark orders at people doesnít mean they will be able to grow their own food, build their own houses, and all the other stuff that comes with living off-the-grid, things go to shit pretty fast. Or in the other words, itíll be something like this, but with more Lord-of-the-Flies thrown in.

Meanwhile, while Galtís Gulch has gone to shit, the society they turned their backs on, is enjoying a more just, more comfortable existence, because it becomes a lot easier to pass much-needed reforms with all the selfish assholes of the world gone.

The corporations the CEOs left behind, undergo massive restructuring and everyoneís wages go up, since thereís not a massive parasite/crazed money hoarder keeping every possible penny they can. With wages up, people pour their money back into the economy, which leads to a massive budget surplus, because it turns out that while trickledown economics does not work (and never will), the reverse does. Ordinary people spend their money, which in turn creates more jobs for everyone else, unlike Rich people who hoard their money on a level that even Scrooge would call excessive. And since crime is usually born out of desperation and stress, this leads to a drop in that sector as well. And since more citizens will have more free time on their hands or be under considerably less stress, they will be more open to create and innovate.
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