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Originally Posted by erwins View Post
Insulating him and Republicans who are not willing to go against him, would be for those workers to just keep working so as not to disrupt air travel or put people at risk. But it is the shutdown that puts people at risk, not individual workers who can't pay rent with IOUs. For non-essential workers, there aren't even IOUs. Any work they do is charity to the administration.
Thank you for explaining everything. I now better understand it a bit better and am totally onboard with all government employees going on strike. Ideally the communities would take care of their workers, feeding and housing them, but I donít know how likely that would be. Society and culture have so pounded into us the idea of individuality, even though the basic point of a society is to take care of each other. Given that we have an estimated ten empty homes for each homeless person and much of our food winds up rotting in dumpsters, itís obscene that homelessness and hunger are even problems at all.

In the event workers are kicked out of their homes, maybe we needs to happen next is a Bonus Army or Occupy Wall Street sort of action. Though Iím still not opposed to torches and pitchforks. If the powers that be are making it impossible for you to live your life, do what you can to make it impossible for them. Just donít be surprised when cops in military gear or the military show up. Thatís what happens anytime someone calls out traditional systems of power and control.

Originally Posted by Psihala View Post
That would pretty well sum up about how far he thinks things through.

(*"Look st me! I'm sticking it to the Democrats! What? I'm screwing over Republicans, too? But there are more Democrats. #MAGA!"
I think itís a reflection of just how Trump thinks. To be fair, much of the GOP also shares this mindset, but Trump probably has no problem with burning it all down, just so the other side canít ďwin.Ē Trump is totally all, ďIf I canít get what I want, than no one gets to have anything! If I canít be happy, then no one gets to be happy!Ē

Lately, Iíve been fairly certain thatís how Trumpís presidency will end. When it becomes apparent to him that he wonít be allowed to do whatever he wants, seeing as we still have a vestige of a democracy, or if he loses his reelection bid, or Mueller finds enough material to get him run out on a rail, Trump is likely to take whatever money he can, then heíll metaphorically burn everything down, then leave the country and start over somewhere else. Itís pretty much what heís spent his entire life doing and now he has the potential to do it on a national level. He has always been able to buy his way out of trouble and really has no reason to think anything will be different.
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