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I'm primarily talking about political consequences.

As two examples, TSA workers, and eventually, air traffic controllers, have a limit to how long they are willing to work without pay. Eventually, airports are going to shut down, and/or planes will crash or have security issues. It is right, in my opinion, for these workers to put a limit on how long they are forced to work without getting a paycheck. Trump talks about continuing the shutdown for months "or more." That is a symptom of him not understanding the consequences of the shutdown.

Insulating him and Republicans who are not willing to go against him, would be for those workers to just keep working so as not to disrupt air travel or put people at risk. But it is the shutdown that puts people at risk, not individual workers who can't pay rent with IOUs. For non-essential workers, there aren't even IOUs. Any work they do is charity to the administration.

People don't grasp the significance of a government shutdown, and how serious it is. Others taking on the tasks for free is counterproductive. Eventually, the people who matter to Trump will begin to be affected. (Whether they will blame him or not is another question.)
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